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Carrier bag with long handles non-woven - Light Green
Code: LT91479-N0032
Powerbank 1200mAh - White
Code: LT91990-N0001
Acrylic beanie - red
Code: 6735-008999999
Non-woven bag matt laminated - Pink
Code: LT95110-N0076
SS sports bottle (750ml) - black
Code: 6536-001999999
Aluminium water bottle (400ml) - cobalt blue
Code: 7552-023999999
Wooden cheese board - no color
Code: 4652-999999999
USB flash drive Neo 512 MB - Blue
Code: 1280095-519
Plastic ballpen with coloured rubber grip, blue ink - orange
Code: 3018-007999999
600ml drinking bottle - orange
Code: 3879-007999999
Keyring BORIEM - yellow/black
Code: AP781767-02
USB flash drive Sticky 4 GB - Black
Code: 1281131-343
Ballpoint pen HURBAN - green/white
Code: AP781614-07
Shopping bag YERMEN - blue
Code: AP741573-06
Gumbite Spinni - black
Code: INT833-BK
Pen TEINS - red
Code: AP781911-05
Coffee mug "Premium Deluxe" - standard-red / white
Code: 01173006-00000
Beach tennis KONGAL - white
Code: AP721196-01
Motif puzzle "Einstein" - white
Code: 03020001-00000
Whistle SURVIVOR - silver
Code: AP809545-21