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5W Sub wireless speaker, black
Code: P328.311
Touch ballpoint pen TOFINO - blue
Code: AP845167-06
Eco-Cup "Colour" 0.5l - mint
Code: 15088805-00000
Pouch KIPING - red/black
Code: AP741221-05
Torch "Card Light" - white
Code: 09078001-00000
Pen set VELUS - pink
Code: AP741118-25
Felt case "Vario" - grey
Code: 08064012-00000
Keyring BAEL - white
Code: AP741182-01
Carry bag "S-Shopping" - white
Code: 06452001-00000
Corkscrew TROLEX - red
Code: AP741637-05
Storage box "Pretzel box" - white
Code: 05278001-00000
Backpack SOKEN - red
Code: AP781531-05
Towel set TEKLA - blue
Code: AP791745-06
Pencil sharpener "Helmet" - white / blue
Code: 04291402-00000
Document bag JOIN - green
Code: AP731309-07
Beer mug cover - standard-yellow
Code: 04200004-00000
Snack plate FEMIA - multicolour
Code: AP791490
Magnet "Square Maxi" - standard-blue PS
Code: 04006003-00000
Beach mat BUREN - blue
Code: AP781811-06
Puzzle game "Happy Time BIRDY" - standard-yellow
Code: 03580004-00000