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Polyester (600D) sports bag - black
Code: 3854-001999999
USB wrist band Tape 2 GB - Black
Code: 1280364-343
Fleece blanket - blue
Code: 1761-005999999
USB flash drive Elegance 16 GB - Blue
Code: 1280181-519
Ballpoint pen WUMPY - orange/white
Code: AP809360-03
Microscope baukman 60x BAUKMAN 60X - black
Code: AP781681
Xoopar Mr. Bio - white
Code: 2081-WH
Ballpoint pen PLODER - black/silver
Code: AP721245-10
Football "Big Carbon", NEW! - silver
Code: 01104021-00000
Ballpoint pen POLKAT - blue
Code: AP721083-06
Camera blocker PEMBOL - white
Code: AP721098-01
Pussycat puzzle game "Labyrinth" - transparent-blue
Code: 03414203-00000
Backpack SCUBA B - grey
Code: AP819020
Clapperboard "Go!" - standard-red
Code: 03640006-00000
Drink holder BERTON - blue
Code: AP781728-06
Keyring "Glasses" - standard-blue PS
Code: 04043003-00000
Kitchen set YULIX - white
Code: AP781266-01
Ice scraper "Square" with water scraper - standard-red
Code: 04224006-00000
Beach slippers MELE - red
Code: AP791618-05_N
Sandwich box "Wave", large - trend-red PP
Code: 05023606-00000