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Tape dispenser YANIC - blue
Code: AP791672-06
Drink crate clipper "Carry" with advertising space - white
Code: 05001001-00000
Umbrella FALDO - yellow
Code: AP791149-02
Spoon "long handle" - standard-green
Code: 05063005-00000
Notepad LEGU - black
Code: AP791052-10
Cup "Tumble" - standard-yellow
Code: 05133004-00000
Sauna belt VISSER - red
Code: AP781041-05
Deco box "Midi heart" - transparent-red
Code: 05265206-00000
Umbrella HEBOL - black
Code: AP741690-10
Cooling pad "Double" - light blue
Code: 06189025-00000
Shopping bag ZAKAX - green
Code: AP741384-07
Jack splitter DUPLI - blue
Code: AP731972-06
Spinner "Opener" - white
Code: 08946001-00000
Credit card holder MITUX - yellow
Code: AP741220-02
Smartphone-backside bag "Stand" - grey
Code: 09965012-00000
Notebook KOLLY - black/orange
Code: AP810377-03
Re-chargable 3W flashlight, grey
Code: P513.591
Bamboo ballpoint pen BRIPP - orange/natural
Code: AP809428-03
USB-Charging adapter REFLECTS-COLLECTION 500 - white / magenta
Code: _S_80518-WE-MG
Ballpoint pen PIXEL - orange
Code: AP731291-03