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DiMano pizza cutter - black
Code: 372198
Malibu Colour sunglasses - blue
Code: 062130
BottleBeatz Stainless Steel 2-in-1 thermosflask speaker - light blue
Code: 078031
USB flash drive twister 3.0 16GB - Light Blue
Code: LT26604-N0012
Ball pen baron 03 frosty - Frosted Dark Blue
Code: LT80902-N5410
Texas ball pen metal clip/transparent - Transparent Orange
Code: LT80509-N0426
Polyester coolerbag - cobalt blue
Code: 8513-023999999
Ball pen Longshadow - Dark Blue / White
Code: LT87756-N1001
Portfolio heavy buckle A4 - Black
Code: LT90917-N0002
3m Calibrated plastic tape measure - silver
Code: 7916-032999999
Keychain charging cable - Blue / White
Code: LT91189-N1101
Plastic geometric style double walled bottle - light blue
Code: 7477-018999999
Paper bag medium - Light Green
Code: LT91512-N0032
RFID card holder ABS - Dark gun metal
Code: LT92191-N0035
Aluminium ballpen with shiny chromed plastic pusher - red
Code: 5466-008999999
Shopping bag Juca - Red
Code: LT95131-N0021
SS sports flask (500ml) - silver
Code: 6535-032999999
800ml Sports bottle - cobalt blue
Code: 7551-023999999
Vacuum flask (500ml) - white
Code: 4617-002999999
USB flash drive wood Limb 512 MB - Maple
Code: 1280656-640